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At Tagxa Training College, we specialize in preparing individuals for success in the dynamic world of online freelancing. Our curriculum emphasizes practical skills and real-world applications to ensure students are equipped for the challenges of today’s digital economy. With a diverse array of short courses, we cater to the unique needs and interests of every learner. Our commitment to excellence in education is matched only by our dedication to fostering personal and professional growth. Join us at Tagxa Training College and unlock your potential for success in the rapidly evolving landscape of freelancing.

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Tagxa Training College stands out due to its unparalleled education, diverse short courses, and focus on practical skills and online freelancing success opportunities.

Tagxa Training College empowers students by providing them with the necessary skills and opportunities to succeed in online freelancing, fostering personal and professional growth.

Individuals should consider Tagxa Training College for its commitment to excellence in education, its practical approach to learning, and its potential to open doors to success in the dynamic field of online freelancing.


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Adnan Kashif
CEO - Graphic Designing
Saqib Hussain
Digital Media Marketing
Usman Sidique
Web Development
Amir Younus
AutoCAD 2D/3D
Muhammad Samak
Video Editing
Majid Yousaf
Spoken English
Kashaf Shahid
Basic Computer & MS Office
Javaria Irfan
Graphic Designing

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Tagxa Trainings
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Technical AMDTechnical AMD
10:54 30 Jul 23
That is Good Experience in Tagxa Institute. I am Complete my course of Full Web Development and I get a good job Opportunity in Lahore and Tagxa institute given me free freelancing courses and I am light time work in fiverr and Upwork and get good Earning. That you Tagxa institute teachers and Mangement.
Abrar ShafqatAbrar Shafqat
09:07 18 Jul 23
Muhammad TehseenMuhammad Tehseen
05:39 18 Jul 23
For bright feature quality educational institute
Muhammad AhmadMuhammad Ahmad
09:42 17 Jul 23
I recently had the opportunity to learn about the new freelancing college, Tagxa Trainings, owned by my friend Adnan Kashif, who is a professional Graphics designer. Although the college is just opening, I am confident in recommending it based on Adnan's expertise and dedication to providing quality education.While I have not personally attended the courses yet, I have had the privilege of witnessing Adnan's passion and commitment to his craft. His extensive knowledge and experience as a Graphics designer make him well-suited to lead a college focused on freelancing.Considering Adnan's professional background, I have no doubt that Tagxa Trainings will offer comprehensive courses in graphic design and other freelancing-related fields. With his expertise and dedication, Adnan is likely to curate a curriculum that covers essential skills and industry trends, ensuring students receive valuable and up-to-date knowledge.As the college is just opening, I anticipate a dynamic and supportive learning environment where students can engage in interactive discussions and receive personalized guidance. Adnan's friendly and approachable nature will undoubtedly contribute to a positive atmosphere within the college.Although I haven't personally experienced the courses, I have faith in Adnan's abilities as a professional Graphics designer and believe that Tagxa Trainings has the potential to become a trusted institution for aspiring freelancers. I look forward to witnessing its growth and success.Please note that this review is based on my confidence in Adnan's capabilities and the potential of Tagxa Trainings as a new college. It would be advisable for prospective students to inquire further and gather more information about the specific courses and offerings before making a decision.
asfand yaarasfand yaar
09:27 17 Jul 23
Best IT Training center in Pattoki.
Adnan KashifAdnan Kashif
14:08 16 Jul 23
Best Freelancing and Computer Training College