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Tagxa Training College provides us Best Amazon Complete Course in Pattoki.

Complete Amazon course outline is typically designed for beginners who want to understand the fundamental concepts and start using Amazon services, especially focusing. Tagxa Training College is the Best College in Pattoki, Pakistan. Tagxa Trainings Provide us Best Amazon Complete course in Pattoki

      • Amazon E-commerce
      • Amazon Account Creation
      • Amazon Account management
      • Amazon VA Virtual Assistant
      • FBA(Fulfillment by Amazon)

Introduction to Amazon E-commerce:

      • What is Amazon E-commerce?
        Overview of Amazon as an E-commerce platform Its importance in the E-commerce industry.
      • Why Sell on Amazon?
        Benefits of selling on Amazon The potential for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Setting Up Your Amazon Seller Account:

      • Creating an Amazon Seller Account
      • Step-by-step guide to creating an account
      • Account types (Individual vs. Professional)
      • Account Verification and Setup
      • Setting up seller information, payment methods, and tax settings

Product Research and Sourcing:

      • Finding Profitable Products
      • Strategies for product research
      • Tools and resources for product selection
      • Sourcing Products
      • Sourcing options (private label, wholesale, arbitrage, etc.)
      • Building relationships with suppliers


Creating Winning Product Listings:

      • Crafting Product Titles and Descriptions
      • Writing effective product titles and descriptions
      • Keyword optimization for search visibility
      • Product Images and Videos
      • Creating compelling product images and videos
      • Amazon’s image and video guidelines

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) vs. FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant):

      • Understanding Fulfillment Options
      • Pros and cons of FBA and FBM
      • Selecting the right option for your business

Amazon Advertising and Marketing:

      • Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands
      • Creating and managing Amazon PPC campaigns
      • Advertising strategies for product visibility
      • Building a Brand on Amazon
      • Strategies for brand registry and protection
      • Enhancing brand presence and customer trust

Inventory Management and Pricing Strategies:

      • Managing Inventory
      • Inventory planning and restocking
      • Inventory health and management tools
      • Competitive Pricing Strategies
      • Dynamic pricing and repricing tools
      • Strategies for Winning the Buy Box

Customer Service and Feedback:

      • Providing Excellent Customer Service
      • Handling customer inquiries and returns
      • Building a positive seller reputation
      • Managing Customer Feedback
      • Strategies for receiving positive feedback
      • Dealing with negative feedback and disputes

International Expansion on Amazon:

      • Expanding to International Marketplaces
      • Selling on different Amazon marketplaces (e.g. Amazon UK, Amazon Germany)
      • Cross-border trade and logistics
      • Adapting to Local Markets
      • Language, cultural, and legal considerations

Compliance, Legal, and Tax Considerations:

      • Amazon Seller Policies
      • Understanding Amazon’s policies and terms of service
      • Avoiding policy violations and suspensions
      • Taxation and Legal Obligations
      • Sales tax, VAT, and other tax considerations
      • Legal obligations when operating on Amazon

Course Conclusion and Next Steps:

      • Recap and Summary
      • Key takeaways from the course
      • Scaling Your Amazon Business
      • Strategies for growth and scaling
      • Resources and Further Learning
      • Recommended books, courses, and websites for continued learning

Course Duration:

  • 3 Months


      • Morning Batch 10 AM to 12 PM
      • Evening Batch 4 PM to 6 PM
      • Evening Batch 6 PM to 8 PM


  • Weekend & Weekdays Classes available


  • 40% fee Discount
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