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Welcome to Tagxa Trainings, Let’s Learn to Earn:

Tagxa Trainings is an IT and freelancing training college offers focused programs that equip students with both technical expertise and freelancing skills. The curriculum covers IT fundamentals, programming, web development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing and cyber security, with an emphasis on practical, hands-on experience.

 These colleges often provide flexible learning options, industry-relevant courses, and professional development training. The goal is to prepare graduates for successful careers in IT or as freelancers and Entrepreneurs with an understanding of market trends and the ability to navigate the dynamic tech landscape.

We Should be Apply For :

1-  Graphic Designing.
2-  Digital Media Marketing.
3- Full Stack Web Development.
4- Auto Cad Training 2D/3D.
5- Advance Video Editing.
6- Spoken English Courses.
7- Basic Computer & Office Management.
8- Amazon Complete Course.
9- Guest Posting.